Meet the founder.

Who Are You?

@ “SEASONS Creatives”

My name is Ephraim Kihondo.

A psalmist of prayers,
A poet of perils,
A harpist of the heavens,
A sculptor of culture,
An architect of ideals,
A songwriter of sorrows and
A vocalist amongst many other things.

A modern day renaissance man.

Cambridge Dictionary:
1. A man who does many different things very well
“He’s a writer, politician, musician and athlete – a real
Renaissance man.”

What is Songs of Ephraim?

@ Mt. Dora, FL

Everyone has a song on their heart that speaks of their past, their present, their emotions and their thoughts. Some have songs of sorrow and anxiety, whilst others have songs of joy and peace.

Songs of Ephraim are songs that have been placed on my heart, the songs that are from my heart and the songs that sing forth to my heart.

It is a platform and movement for all to be vulnerable and genuine about thoughts, feelings and emotions, just as Jesus was.
John 11:35 says that “Jesus wept”, a genuine demonstration of a God that was relatable as He was a man.

It is also where the gospel and the Good News will be preached outside of the four walls of the church.
This is where the unspoken is spoken and the unheard of is heard.

What is the aim of Songs of Ephraim?

A day after my first video “STONE WALL” was released

In all my doings with Songs of Ephraim – be it through my poetry, psalms, parables, music composition, artwork, videography etc. I wish only these two things:

1. That all would come to know, wine and dine with the only one, true living God.

2. That all would be inspired, provoked and drawn to seek the inner creative within themselves placed by the Creator Himself.

What is there to expect from Songs of Ephraim?

Expect innovation,
Expect vulnerability,
Expect variety.

Innovative things, vulnerable themes in a variety of means.

Ephraim Kihondo.