Romantic Poetry


love beyond the seasons.
a poem. Of Ephraim.

If winter is us apart

Spring time our blossom,

And if summer us together

Then autumn is where

Our love became one heart.

The autumns haze my memories

Whilst the winters join to freeze my feel to you,

But then the springs shine on me lights of remembrance

Whilst the summers then thaw out my worries of you.

Here in summertime light,

1000 years could pass by

And we wouldn’t know it,

Our hairs could grow grey

And we wouldn’t see it,

If it were cold we would be indifferent to it

For our warmth together

Would wage war against it

And our eyes would interlock

So that no offence could waver the foundation of it.

Even in uncertainty, we sow together trust

And in this place time stands still,

Our minds weaving together history’s longest tapestry.

If it were to have a name I’d call it love,

Others say understanding

And some say indifferent.

Indifferent to the outside world’s voices

Yet sensitive to our own that interlock

To transcend any action or thought –

But I call it love.

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Painting: “Jump Kiss” by Leonid Afremov

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