Romantic Poetry


An exclusive extract from the upcoming book written by Ephraim Kihondo and illustrated by Adrian Sempa.

The Lover, a romantic
The Loved, a pursuant of love
Perceptive, an observant narrator


Every hole has a heart to it

And every heart has a key to it.

In fact, every hole has a key to it

And every key has a heart attached to it.

There appears to be a certain epidemic that plagues the heart of man,

That has caused a wound that the helping hands of man cannot heal.

It is the disease of love;

A gaping gap that is desired to be filled by all,

That cannot be filled by all,

But can only be filled by One.


For centuries and a day,

My heart has longed

To find the whole of itself,

Perhaps in an unobtainable place,

Perhaps it is someone else

Or perhaps I am confusing myself.

For man often turns to the busyness and activities of life

To cause his heart to forget itself of its desperate cry
For wholeness.

And for a temporary vapour of time

When busying himself,

Man thinks he has won –

Man is lured to the false pretence of completeness –

Until man is stripped naked at that activity’s end,

Where he once again realises his heart’s emptiness

And frantically searches again to busy himself.

This is the cycle of man

And this cycle matches man’s slow

But unapparent sinking into a depressive state.

Man knows he is defeated but refuses to surrender

Even when on his knees,

And when his last resort had long ago

Become his only plan of sort.

How does one break this circle?

How can I find this Holy Grail

For my heart to find its rightful rest?

Is this quest for love destined in the stars to fail?

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Ephraim Kihondo |

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© 2019 Poetic Philosophy
Ephraim Kihondo


2 thoughts on “Keyhole.

  1. Elsie M says:

    From the moment you introduced characters I knew I’d enjoy lol. Could really relate to this, and know many people must be since normal life is on pause at the moment. I haven’t seen any poem collection so I think it’s only fair you reveal what the Lover says 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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