The Oil Press.

Cries from the garden of the oil press.
A psalm. Of Ephraim.

LORD why can I do nothing right?

For my mistakes have become the pupils of my eyes

And my flaws are irremovable watermarks on all of my mirrors.

LORD why can I do nothing right?

Is it I holding back Your will,

Is it I at fault,

Is it I not feeling how You feel?

LORD why can I do nothing right?

My frustrations are alight all through the night

They are aloud all through the day

They are high and lifted just like a kite

That won’t come down

They just won’t come down

These frustrations are a ferocious sound

They are never ending and abound

In my throat they are rigid nouns;

I am tired

I am seasick

Take me off of these waters

Bring me ashore from these waters

My toes yearn for solid ground

My head beats for air all around

My body is failing me!

O LORD my God why am I so down?

O LORD my God where art thou in my darkest hour?

O LORD my God when will you fix my frown?

Put an end to this tussle of my organs

Pull the end to the flight of this dark kite

Push this darkness away from I and

Lead me to our garden in haste

Bring me to our chambers at once

Because Your face

Is all I need in this chase

Because Your face

Is my sustenance in this race.

For I am a man limp without You

You are my rod in the day

And my pillow at dusk.

I am in perpetual need of You

For You have asked for all of me

To be all dependent upon You

So I have given you all of myself

Just as You gave me all of Yourself…

Wholly and all for me.


“And being in agony, He prayed more earnestly. Then His sweat became like great drops of blood falling down to the ground.”

‭‭Luke‬ ‭22:44‬

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Picture and sculpture by Angela Johnson


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