Musings of March.

March Madness.
A psalm of Ephraim.

Is there very much

Or even plenty to be joyous about?

Yea, I live

And yea, I have breath!

But what is joy outside of His presence?

And what is joy outside of Him?

How can I smile without Him

And how can I smile without thought of Him?

For just as a newborn baby yearns for it’s mother

So my soul yearns for His person.

Away from Him

I am a goldfish on sand

And an eagle in water:

Outside of my habitat,

Where all of my sense and senses are rendered flat.

O how I love Him,

But O how I can never love Him enough!

What can I, a limited man, do
To please a limitless God?

And what words can a man say

To the One who formulated words within his very mouth?

For my heart is in pieces

Yet He comes to puzzle them all together.

And He reads my heart

Even when I have closed its book to Him.

When I let Him fend for me,

I allow Him to mend all of me.

And when I open up all of me to Him

I let in all of Him inside of me.

He has broken me

To make use of me.

And He has use for me

And thus He has made room for me.

I had a hole in my heart

And He had the key to it.

E. K

“The LORD is near to those who have a broken heart,
And saves such as have a contrite spirit.”
Psalm 34:18


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