Romantic Poetry

Gone. (Pt 1)

Of Ephraim.

“Now in the place where He was crucified there was a garden, and in the garden a new tomb in which no one had yet been laid.”
John 19:42

By God I cannot sleep.
My body is weary
But my eyes stand upright in fear
In anxiety and fright.
They have gone from being
My tools of sight to my bane
For they refuse to forget what they have witnessed.

Hour by hour,
I twist and turn to seek a cooler side
For my heavy heart to lay upon.
Only to remember,
The love of my heart,
The heat and fire to my soul
Is gone.

My mind casts back to the
Events of the day prior.
I am shaken to my bone,
Perplexed to my skull,
Spiralling in and out my sleep.

He who is mine,
Who was by my side for three good years,
Is nowhere to be seen,
No where to be found.
They tainted Him,
Mocked Him,
Spat on Him,
Smote Him,
And engraved their hate of Him upon His skin.
My own skin shivers at the memory of His own –
Rejected by His own kind.

Could my LORD really return?
O God spare my soul this grief.
He would have saved Himself from the Cross.
He could have punished the accusers.
He would have proved them all wrong.
But I watched as they solemnly wrapped
And placed His body in the tomb
And rolled the stone.

I am resigned to this fact,
That they took the One I love from me,
And I will never see Him again.
The love I thought would
Always be with Me,
Is gone.


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