The Psalmist and The Traveller.

Of Ephraim.
A narrative.

Have you not seen?
Have you not heard?
The Father is coming!
The King is approaching!
Praise His name!
Prepare the way for the Lord!
Brush down the city gates!
For He is coming!

We are near no city gates,
We have no water
And this sandstorm may even be causing us to go astray.
Where is this God you continuously praise?

Have you not seen?
Have you not heard?
He is the well unlike all others
So deep it cannot be measured
So scarce it must be treasured.
The well that never runs dry
For He is forever able
Capable, available
To make us whole.
It’s His presence we’ve been thirsty for.
It’s His comfort we’ve been seeking after
Rejoice friend!
Behold the city gates!
For in the thick of the desert we have found something more precious than gold!
The missing, starting and final piece of our hearts.

But dear brother
I have not heard
Nor have I seen.
What is this water you speak of?
Where can I drink of this water so I can be whole too?

My dear friend,
You have closed the opening of the well.
How can you enjoy the fullness of the coconut if you do not break it?
Likewise how then can the Father give you water if you come with no cup?
Roll the stone from the well’s mouth
And come to Him with this prayer:

You are the God of my coming in and my coming out.
How could I ever walk away from You
When all you have offered me is Your hand of aid?
Even in the obscurities of my happenings,
In the labyrinth in my mind,
The storm before me,
You are in the midst;
Being my guide and my compass,
Orchestrating my way out.

Speak to me,
Work through me,
Stand by me.
Make me who I am in You
And make me who You are in me.


Questions of the Day:

When the going gets tough who is around you? Supporters or pessimists?

What eyes are you looking at your situation through? Your spiritual or physical eyes?

Have you made yourself available to receive what God has promised?

“As iron sharpens iron,
So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend” Proverbs 27:17


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