Romantic Poetry


love beyond the seasons.
a poem. Of Ephraim.

If winter is us apart

Spring time our blossom,

And if summer us together

Then autumn is where

Our love became one heart.

The autumns haze my memories

Whilst the winters join to freeze my feel to you,

But then the springs shine on me lights of remembrance

Whilst the summers then thaw out my worries of you.

Here in summertime light,

1000 years could pass by

And we wouldn’t know it,

Our hairs could grow grey

And we wouldn’t see it,

If it were cold we would be indifferent to it

For our warmth together

Would wage war against it

And our eyes would interlock

So that no offence could waver the foundation of it.

Even in uncertainty, we sow together trust

And in this place time stands still,

Our minds weaving together history’s longest tapestry.

If it were to have a name I’d call it love,

Others say understanding

And some say indifferent.

Indifferent to the outside world’s voices

Yet sensitive to our own that interlock

To transcend any action or thought –

But I call it love.

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Painting: “Jump Kiss” by Leonid Afremov

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Sunrise’s Serenade.

eternal love.
a psalm of Ephraim.

I was postered by four impregnable walls –

Sin, law, death and my mind,

And indeed your love is a consuming fire

That singed the former three walls to cinders

And refined, renewed and restored my mind

To behold your love, your face for what it truly is,

A love without corners or circumference!

You are my everlasting sunrise!

You have made my night a distant nightmare

And eradicated my fears with Your light.

If darkness were cockroaches,

You banished them far away from me 

With Your light.

Darkness did not prevail against you.

Instead you spoke light into my dark,

Life into my dead heart,

So from that day,

No wall could ever stand between us,

You made sure you gave me a heart

With your own signature mark.

And from that day 

The love song to me never stopped,

You serenade me at daybreak, 

All through the day and at noon!

You promised me that this love is to here to stay.

I believed you and I received all of you,

Now this is our everlasting honeymoon.

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Painting: “Smile of the Sunrise” Marie Green

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if it were me.

Hi, I’m back.

I brought a few friends with me too.

We shared a few thoughts on black history, culture and #BlackLivesMatter

if it were me. (2020)

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Edited by Ephraim Kihondo.
I do not own all of the footage used.



Poetic reflections on the year 2019 and 24 years of life.

So I turned 24 this December. And what better place to spend my birthday than the place that has become synonymous with millennial love –
Winter Wonderland.

These were some of my thoughts and muses from the day coupled with my footage of how the outing went with my friends.

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Romantic Poetry

For The World.

A poem on salvation. Of Ephraim

For the world

He was spat on

Beaten, yet He tottered on

Bruised, He still stumbled along

Whipped in your place, He trotted along.

For doubters and naysayers,

For sinners and the worst of sinners,

In all our place

His death was our death

And our death was His

And His resurrection yours.;

His authority,

His righteousness,

His power,

His glory,

His love

Are alive and living in my blood.

Everything of mine is His

And everything of His

Is mine.


I John 2:2

And He Himself is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the whole world.”‬

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Romantic Poetry


An exclusive extract from the upcoming book written by Ephraim Kihondo and illustrated by Adrian Sempa.

The Lover, a romantic
The Loved, a pursuant of love
Perceptive, an observant narrator


Every hole has a heart to it

And every heart has a key to it.

In fact, every hole has a key to it

And every key has a heart attached to it.

There appears to be a certain epidemic that plagues the heart of man,

That has caused a wound that the helping hands of man cannot heal.

It is the disease of love;

A gaping gap that is desired to be filled by all,

That cannot be filled by all,

But can only be filled by One.


For centuries and a day,

My heart has longed

To find the whole of itself,

Perhaps in an unobtainable place,

Perhaps it is someone else

Or perhaps I am confusing myself.

For man often turns to the busyness and activities of life

To cause his heart to forget itself of its desperate cry
For wholeness.

And for a temporary vapour of time

When busying himself,

Man thinks he has won –

Man is lured to the false pretence of completeness –

Until man is stripped naked at that activity’s end,

Where he once again realises his heart’s emptiness

And frantically searches again to busy himself.

This is the cycle of man

And this cycle matches man’s slow

But unapparent sinking into a depressive state.

Man knows he is defeated but refuses to surrender

Even when on his knees,

And when his last resort had long ago

Become his only plan of sort.

How does one break this circle?

How can I find this Holy Grail

For my heart to find its rightful rest?

Is this quest for love destined in the stars to fail?

Adrian Sempa |
Ephraim Kihondo |

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© 2019 Poetic Philosophy
Ephraim Kihondo



A short production on friendship and love.

True love and friendship is found in the lover of the world who befriends all who receive His welcome of eternal life.

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“No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I heard from My Father I have made known to you.”
John 15:15


*Youth Group*








Glory Bliss.

My first musical YouTube video!


Spontaneous lyre harp music.
For soaking/resting/meditation/prayer.

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“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11:28